Who is She?

Hi there,

Karleen Andresen is not your blasé conflict professional. A kind of conflict groupie, Andresen’s resume includes a Masters in Conflict and Negotiations, which came as a reaction to seeking a better method of coping with high conflict personalities. She, as many serious practitioners, soon discovered most fixes resided in her 5’2″ frame.

Her certification as a hostage/crisis negotiator places her in the company of SWAT, police departments, and detectives, which drives her energy for success.

She mediates, volunteers on a suicide hotline, and trains company leaders on how to recapture revenue using common yet powerful tools. Evaluating talent management strategies and providing programs that aids in revenue recovery programs provides a win for all.

At Karleen Andresen LLC, we use our unique conflict and crisis methods to…

  • Help you achieve your goals of worker retention through a talent management strategy.
  • Share the tools that impact from work to family or relationship survival.
  • Do it using methods that capture as much as a 90 percent success rate, or up to 75 percent on the job behavior change.



Karleen ss
Yep, that’s me after a photographer spent a lot of time straightening my hair.

Karleen Andresen is a comical speaker on how to manage conflict, worry, stress, and even crisis. Sometimes her tongue-in-cheek delivery method can leave you laughing and crying while nodding you head. She speaks from the heart and provides interactive speaking events that dive into the dark corners of thought. She will finish her second book, From the Ledge, in 2017. Her happy places are in tapas eating and travel vlogging for pleasure. She’s all smiles at girly hoodies, cute shoes, and hugs.

Andresen’s personal goal is to spread the knowledge of how to legitimately manage conflict the way hostage negotiators and mediators do. “It’s simple” she says, “these two skilled backgrounds have as much as a 95 percent chance of success. It’s just makes sense!”

Her life mantra is to leave people better than you found them.

Karleen resides in Idaho with her family.

Feel free to review a few of my published works here