A marquee of the popular experts: mean or edge

Watch the clip by clicking here I see people taking marketing into their own hands. That is to be applauded, and I’m the first in line to put my hands together. I love when things work for people, regardless of who moves the mountain. Being mean is not the same as being edgy. Among others, […]

First Interactive Ad – Motorola, Wired Mag

I listened to one PR person say, “There is no use for ads.” I listened to another business person say, “I don’t really get anything out of social marketing. I do it to say I have a presence.” Take a look at what minds can do when they look forward: WATCH FROM YOUTUBE (if the […]

2 Charitable Experiences Defines Marketing Experts

I can’t help it; the holiday spirit is alive! It can be a time when you see a rise in the best and worst of people. Both these experience struck a chord with me, for very different reasons: Experience 1: Shared on FB 12/18/2013: Tahirih Cahill’s comment to another post about those in need during […]

Invest in a Program that Represents You

THE BEGINNING A woman, we’ll call her ‘the client’, paid $50,000 to be trained to be a speaker. At the end of her year with her trainer, there was no speaking gig, but the client knew her back of the room offering would be a book. Fantastic, right? Ugh. Because I publish magazines, the woman […]

Scared to Speak

A tip link is provided at the end of this post ————————————————– Working with thousands of business owners, a marketing gal can begin to see a picture. While nearly every person will claim, “If someone would just give me the chance” as their only barrier to speaking, I submit you might be scared. Before you […]

Give ’em the Roadmap: They Still Won’t Do It

Heard a comment tonight by a relatively successful speaker, “You can tell people exactly what your doing to be successful, and they still won’t do it.” I’ve worked with thousands of business people. They’re passionate and good people. They even have very cool ideas. But it still won’t happen! Here’s the first line of defense: […]

I Honor Men, But Shame on You

A gentleman said to me, “My wife absolutely loves you, but I don’t know if I want her hanging around with you.” To help you understand, just because I might be brilliant doesn’t mean I get it. I’m brilliant because I know how to learn, think, and apply. That said, I had no idea what […]

How To Be Business Sexy In 60 Seconds

Karleen Andresen It is said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. In business, that means you have 60-seconds to create a lasting relationship, right? Wrong! That means you have one minute to make them “want” to know who you are. To attract people requires giving something […]