Her Speaking

Author and speaker, Karleen has spoken on many topics from marketing, money, matrimony and mothering to her affectionate nemesisĀ of conflict, crisis, and stress. She has spoken to thousands and coached an intimate group of high performers.

  • Addicted to Stress
  • Purpose of Stress
  • How Stress Gives Us Value
  • Depress the Stress*
  • The Lifestyle of Stress*
  • How Stress Stays Alive
  • The Evil Twin of Stress
  • Infiltration of Stress in the Workplace
  • How the Workplace Feeds Stress*
  • Workplace Stress
  • Signs of Stress
  • Stress as a Marketing Plan*
  • Stress as a Teacher
  • Gifting the Cherubs Stress*
  • Let Me Be Stressed!*



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