We’re growing apart and on the verge of divorce

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She posted this question:

I think that our love for the kids kept us together. Now that they are growing up we are also growing apart. I am trying to be a great mother but also a superb wife, but my love for my kids is stronger. I wish that he had the same drive as me. Another thing is that I’m growing up. I’m evolving into women with different needs, wants & aspects of life, and he is comfortable. Last but not by far least to me is that there is no romance. What he calls romance, I don’t, and when I try to explain it to him, I end up planning everything for us. I want to be surprised. Something unexpected than the usual flowers balloons or the kids pick an outfit for me. HELP because we are on the verge of separation or maybe divorce.

My reply:

As for a quick response, you sound as though you’re so close you may have already made up your mind. So unless you are committing to remain in the game for a decided amount of time (like 4 months), I would encourage: if you came into the marriage together, go out together. Said another way, talk it out in peace. Release him/her in peace. Seek the blessing of God if you went their at any time during your marriage. If you get approval to leave from Him, then go with a sure knowledge that all is well. If not, retract and come to another game plan.

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