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Periscope (live stream) App by Twitter – How It Works

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Kevin Hart, comedian on Periscope

Periscope is the hottest app on the market right now which means nothing short of upward momentum if you are wanting to capture a brand new audience a different way. Acquired by Twitter in 2015, it’s tapping into Twitter followers that want more from those they love.

I follow several people and celebrities, but my favorite is Kevin Hart. He uses a real style and personal connection by showing what happens behind the scenes. For example, watching him do voice overs for his next Ride Along movie was great to get an understanding that it could take several takes of voice overs to finish a scene. Another is his 5K runs. Periscope users got to see life inside Kevin’s car as he sees it. He couldn’t believe there were about 500 people out to greet him and run the 5K. He talked about needing his body guard, “Not because I’m scared. It’s because I need someone to create a path to get through.” He also shared the Funky Duck, a new type of roller skate, that he did one Saturday evening with his family in the house they were renting while he filmed his movie. When Hart crashed and burned on the Funky Ducks he asked viewers, “How did I look going down?” While people are jabbing and complimenting his style of burnout, he laughs and says, “No, I’m not drunk. I’m with my family! This is what we do when we’re together. This is a high.”


First download the app from iPhone or Android. You need to login using your Twitter account. You can add more than one Twitter account.

To broadcast from the app, once you’ve created an account, tap the camera icon, and enter a title for the broadcast. It will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment, and send you hearts in real time (sending hearts is how viewers “send their love”).

The app keeps track of your hearts. There’s a “Most Loved” list, so the more hearts you get, the higher you’ll be on that. I guess iPhone users have a leg up in that department.

Periscope appreciation hearts

When a broadcast is over, the broadcaster can make it available for replay so people can watch it later. They’ll be able to replay it with comments, hearts, and all. The replays last 24 hours, and they can be deleted at any time. You can do private broadcasts by pressing the lock icon before going live. You can then choose who you want to broadcast to. You can also manage your location settings before broadcasting.

If you want to keep a broadcast longer than 24 hours, you can save it to your camera roll. There’s even a setting to automatically save all your broadcasts to your camera roll.

Broadcasts can be shared on Twitter by tapping the bird icon before broadcasting. When it goes live, it will tweet a link so Twitter followers can watch on the web or in the app.

Periscope suggests people for users to follow based on their Twitter network, and gives them control over who they want to be notified about broadcasts for.

If you tap the TV icon in the app, you’ll get the Watch Tab, where you can see live broadcasts of public video streams. It will show you recently featured broadcasts and those from people you follow. There’s also a “View All Recent Broadcasts” option, where you can see all public broadcasts from the past 24 hours. Who knows what you’ll find there? It does only surface those that were saved for replay. You can share broadcasts you find with other people as well.

Periscope how to use the app

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