Applause, Errors, and Exposure

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If they’re chanting your name, don’t attack!

Exposure is great, even if it’s not perfect. There is a saying that even bad news is good news. That is a topic for another post; however, it reflects on my marketing thoughts here.

As a marketer, I would celebrate anyone talking about my client. Even if they dug up ugly stuff, we used it.

I posted some good news about a company that is gaining traction, or ‘earning media’. That’s good news, right?

In my post, I celebrated. However, I made an error by stating that Yahoo! covered her and “…since then, here is what has happened…” The reality is that Yahoo! covered her project AFTER all those other things happened, not before as the comment implied. No worries, it’s still coverage, right?

That post went live, it was sent to another 5,000 in her mainstream, local community, and other social channels connected to me where comments and accolades were showered upon her. My post also included a link to her website and another site connected to her efforts. So what’s the problem?

Focus. Focus and loss of perspective is the problem. What happens when we manage our own image marketing, we feel a swirl of popularity beyond our expectations: we are stunned, and then we get a little full of ourself, and we lose perspective.

The perspective is, you want people to talk about you. If they’re talking nicely, raise your hands in the air.

Because I, in unintended error, didn’t state Yahoo! came AFTER her momentum of exposure, here is part of her message to me, “WOW! This is not even remotely true….This is just insane…you…just gave credit to all…to Yahoo!”

I was stunned, but it threw me into sharing some valuable tips from my years of experience. Here are some takeaway tips when someone covers your good efforts:

  1. If people talking about you in a positive way – thank them; it’s a good thing!
  2. If they get details wrong, determine if action is necessary.
  3. If action is necessary, reach out, thank them for covering you, and help them correct the information.
  4. If they don’t correct the error, determine if it’s worth a battle or if it still accomplishes the goal of being seen and heard.
  5. If they’re chanting your name, don’t attack them.
  6. If it was bad news, determine how you will handle it, but don’t attack unless it’s absolutely necessary, like it will decimate your efforts or reputation.

———————- outcome

Because of how tense she was, I opted to remove everything connected to her and her project, and there is yet another marketing post topic: the gradual disappearance from the limelight: how does it happen?


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