What the worst feeling: broke, lonely, no phone

The question was asked and answered by 400 people, all in a relationship, “What is the worst feeling? Being broke, being lonely, or not having a phone?” The number one answer was: being broke, then being lonely, then no phone.

I don’t want to be married anymore – your input needed

She wrote: I’m at a point where Idk if I wanna be married any more… I have realized love isn’t everything cuz god know we love each other and our family, I just feel like we both aren’t putting in 110% and it’s making me very unhappy and in a bad place and I just […]

When should they come home from work?

She asked When is a decent time that your husband should be home from work? A brief response: Depends on why he’s out I think. Is he working ot? If so, I can see it. My husband worked in Hollywood and would work OT nearly every day. He called home several times a day. You […]

We’re growing apart and on the verge of divorce

She posted this question: I think that our love for the kids kept us together. Now that they are growing up we are also growing apart. I am trying to be a great mother but also a superb wife, but my love for my kids is stronger. I wish that he had the same drive […]

Music Lyrics Is How Some Sort Out Their Conflict

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of musicians? I recently heard the lyrics of Firefall’s song, Just Remember I Love You (see lyrics at the bottom). One of the lines that caught my attention was, When there’s so much trouble that you wanna cry The world has crumbled and you don’t know why When […]

Periscope (live stream) App by Twitter – How It Works

Periscope is the hottest app on the market right now which means nothing short of upward momentum if you are wanting to capture a brand new audience a different way. Acquired by Twitter in 2015, it’s tapping into Twitter followers that want more from those they love. I follow several people and celebrities, but my […]

Applause, Errors, and Exposure

If they’re chanting your name, don’t attack! Exposure is great, even if it’s not perfect. There is a saying that even bad news is good news. That is a topic for another post; however, it reflects on my marketing thoughts here. As a marketer, I would celebrate anyone talking about my client. Even if they […]

7 Things to Stop

People are fired up to market, promote, and make their million dollars this year. However, to move that direction, you need to stop doing other things. Here’s a short Stop List to move you closer. Stop staying up late to lay around Stop being in places that don’t help Stop hanging with people who validate […]